Wednesday, 16 March 2016

  crochet baby blanket

This is such an easy project to make.  Honestly sooo simple.  There are many variations of pattern on the internet. You can make this to any size you want.  These two blankets were approx 30" square for a crib sized blanket.  Having two colours to compliment each other really makes it stand out.  The lemon and white was just the two colours, but the lilac variegated and white really made it pop.  It is an ideal project to work on whilst watching tv or traveling.

DK/8ply yarn
200grams white
100grams contrasting colour
4mm crochet hook
Shell pattern: 3dc, 2ch, 3dc

  1. With the white yarn ch 9
  2. Into 6th ch work the shell stitch (dc 3, 2 ch, dc3) ch 3. Skip 2 ch and into last remaining ch slip st to join up. 3 ch and turn your work so that you are working into the bottom chains (upside down)
  3. Work a shell stitch (dc 3, 2 ch, dc3). 1 dc into 3rd ch.  Ch3, turn your work.
  4. Repeat the shell pattern for 45 rows or (as many rows as you require for you blanket). 
  5. To give the strip a border in the contrasting colour join at a convenient place and ch3.  Work in dc all around the strip working extra dc's at the points of the strip.

When you have worked 10 strips with the contrast yarn or (as many as you require for your project) Join the strips with the white yarn in a sc join.  Here are two video clips that will demonstrate firstly a  flat single crochet join and then one that I used for preference.

(link to)
 BUBBLE POP crochet stitch blanket
(with single crochet join my way)

When all strips are joined as one piece work a dc border around all four sides working multiple dc's at the corners and points.  This gives the blanket a lovely finish.


yours in stitches....

Monday, 29 February 2016

BUBBLE POP crochet stitch

Baby Blanket

This crochet stitch is a variation of the Crunch Stitch.  It produces an effect very similar to the Puff Stitch, Bobble Stitch, Popcorn Stitch, Raspberry Stitch, but is much simpler to produce.  Sooo easy!

The stitches you need to know are the chain st (ch), single crochet (sc) and treble (tr).  Every other stitch in one row is a single crochet (sc) followed by a treble (tr) stitch, and every other row is in single crochets (sc).

Lets get started.
Use any thickness of yarn and hook size to match the weight: depending on the project you have in mind.

Work a chain in multiples of two.

  1. Into the first chain work 1 single crochet (sc).  Then work the rest of the chain length in single crochets (sc).  (This produces a sturdy baseline to work on). Chain 1 (ch1) and turn your work.
  2. *Single crochet (sc) into the first stitch. One treble (tr) into the next stitch*.  Repeat the stitch sequence ** to the end of the row ending with 1sc into the last stitch.  1ch and turn your work.
  3. Work sc's into all of the stitches to the end of the row.
  4. Rows 2 & 3 form the pattern and are to be repeated to the length of the project you desire.
  5. When you reach the length of work you desire finish off with row 3 (sc). This will balance out with the beginning row.  With the sc stiches at the beginning and end of each row you will have a good base to work a border around if so desired.
As you work the treble stitches alongside the single crochet stitches a small 'Bubble' will form to the back of the work.  This is correct.  By ensuring you work a single crochet stitch at the beginning and end of each row your bubbles will lie on top of one and other creating a very uniform pattern. Reminds me of bubble wrap.  You just want to pop them!

My blanket is for a crib size.  I have used DK yarn and 4.00mm hook.  I chained 34 resulting in 16 bubbles in the bubble row and I worked 15 bubble rows plus ended with a sc row.  I worked a contrasting border of sc.  Working 3 sc into the corners. My blanket consists of 12 eight inch squares before adding the border. Once all joined a final sc border in contrasting yarn.

I joined the squares using a single crochet method that I reconfigured to what I prefer.  I prefer my joins to be central and remain upright.  The method demonstrated in the 2nd link is a flat sc join, and tends to lean to one side.  In the 1st link I have demonstrated my version of SC joining which I much prefer.  It adds dimension and ensures the ridge formed lies central and not to one side.  I will put links to both methods below. 

I hope this post will help those that are a little challenged with the regular Bobble/Puff stitch.  This method is so much easier and fast to work up.  I hope you have fun with it.

BUBBLE POP crochet stitch video link
If you just want to view the Dimensional SC Join then fast forward the video to 5.05 mins.

by Web's America's Yarn Store

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Crochet Eight Petal Coaster

Crochet Eight Petal Coaster
These make great coasters.  Use a coarser choice of yarn. When completed stiffen with a 50/50 mix of crafting paste and water. Soak, squeeze out the excess and block it into shape. Let it dry naturally. Super easy.  Super effective.  Makes a great gift.  Crochet six and gift wrap.  Great for using up left over yarn.  

DK/8ply yarn
Size 4.50m hook
Darning needle


Ch 6
Slip st to join the ring
Ch 3 (counts as 1dc), 15 dc into the ring. A total of 15 dc's + 3ch.
Ch up 4, dc into next st. (1dc, 1ch, 1dc) into the next 7 sts.
8 loops in all.
Slip st into top of 3 ch.
Slip st into next loop, ch 3, 5 dc into same loop. 
*(sl st in-between the two dc's. 6 dc into the next loop)*. Rep patt * to * until you have 8 petals.

Sew in your ends securely. Cut your threads.

Makes a very pretty coaster to adorn any coffee table.

Video demonstration:    Crochet Eight Petal Coaster